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Services to the rail industry

The team at GLCS are experts in dealing with all types of issues and challenges at level crossings, whether this is a national strategic issue or a local problem or an idea you have we will be pleased to discuss it with you. Our range of services are broad examples of where we can advise and assist you to improve safety and performance and reduce cost and waste. Our knowledge and record of delivering change is unique and whatever the challenge you are facing or the issue you would like to discuss we are confident we will be able to help.

  • Level Crossing Strategic Planning: Developing safety led strategies that are sustainable and cost effective while tracking, measuring and evaluating benefits.
  • Level Crossing Tactical Safety Plans: Developing and implementing action plans to address crossing specific issues.
  • Level Crossing Issue Resolution: Developing and implementing action plans to address national or regional issues.
  • Level Crossing Process Improvements: Producing safety and operating standards to meet business and legislative requirements for operational risk.
  • Level Crossing Risk Assessments: Providing detailed option selection ‘suitable and sufficient’ risk assessments and Disability Impact Assessments.
  • Census Gathering & Data Collection: High quality, detailed, pedestrian and road traffic surveys which incorporate detailed breakdowns of usage levels – broken down by user group.
  • Coordinating Objections to Planning Applications: Coordinating and preparing evidence for objections to third party planning applications – from early stage engagement with third parties through to full and final preparation for Public Enquiries.
  • Joint Level Crossing Safety Planning: Production of Joint Safety Plans and support to both train operating companies and infrastructure managers during the process.
  • Independent Level Crossing Risk Advisors: Production of comprehensive Independent Safety Assessments of level crossings.
  • Integrated Transport Innovation Advice: Advising infrastructure managers, local authorities and technology/innovation companies about ‘smart’ transport solutions.
  • Level Crossing Research Projects: Working with industry bodies on research projects.
  • Level Crossing Accident Investigation Support: Accident investigation utilising our Human Factors toolkit in order to identify accident causal and underlying factors.
  • Independent Expert Witnesses: Acting as Expert Witnesses or Expert Advisors in the field of level crossing safety to courts or other bodies.
  • Culture Change Programmes: Designing and/or implementing culture change programmes and supporting organisations to improve their safety culture.

Services to road​ and planning authorities, construction industry and other stakeholders

The Law and Regulation relating to level crossings and risk and safety often mean that a detailed knowledge of the processes and approvals is required in order to avoid costly delays or objections for a whole variety of issues. There may also be a requirement for more detailed subject matter expertise to propose mitigations or to demonstrate that any potential impact has been assessed and reviewed. With many years of experience our team of experts can provide advice and options to both railway and non-railway customers and stakeholders.

  • Census Gathering & Data Collection: Providing detailed, pedestrian and road traffic surveys and modelling of projected usage.
  • Integrated Transport Innovation Advice: Advising infrastructure managers, local authorities and technology/innovation companies about ‘smart’ transport solutions.
  • Independent Rail & Level Crossing Safety Consultation: Providing independent railway operational risk and safety advice to non-railway based organisations and authorities.
  • Culture Change Programmes: Designing and/or Implementing culture change programmes and supporting organisations to improve their safety culture.
  • Project Management: The core GLCS team has a combined x years of project management experience, delivering a wide range of business changes, including IT enabled change, as well as level crossing specific projects.

Services to innovators and suppliers

There are still many opportunities to innovate and provide lower cost solutions to a whole range of issues and problems associated with level crossings. There are challengers in identifying the right problem to solve and in assessing the appetite and competition for this. Our team can assist with a whole range of issues and give advice on what the main considerations will be and how to take an idea from concept to the international level crossing product market.

  • Strategic Product Development: Working with innovative companies to develop new products – or modify existing products – to take to new transport based markets.
  • Strategic Business Development: developing and implementing growth opportunities between innovators, suppliers and the transport sector.
  • Business Improvement Plans: Helping organisations optimise their underlying processes to achieve efficient results.
  • Capability Assessments
  • Managing Product Acceptance Processes: Helping organisations to take their products through assurance processes to demonstrate that they are safe, fit for purpose and do not export risk to the railway.
  • Business Case Development: Working to develop business cases to secure management commitment and approval for business change, programmes and projects.
  • Product Effectiveness Evaluation: Measuring the performance of level crossing products and equipment in terms of performance, risk reduction and human factors.
  • Human Factors & Ergonomics Assessments
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